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Way better. I really like this. It has a nice touch. I actually really, really like this. The Room Zero vibes are really good, I like t...

Oh hey, I found it. Okay, here are some complaints: -The textures are blurry, it looks like you just pulled some google images of spook...

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Disney's Bunker.
I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve heard of the infamous “Room Zero.” I’d just like to confirm the fact, that yes, it does exist. But this whole thing with these spooky “gascots,” I cannot confirm. I’m currently employed at Disneyland as a mascot. Like all of you have, I’ve heard of these gascots, so I asked the main corporation if I could crack open this bunker.
Disney’s good at hiding things, I’ll give them that. Everytime I asked them if I could access the bunker, they denied its existence. This continued for months, until I got one of the higher up guys to crack. He told me he’d have someone “escort” me to the location. But with the addition of that, if something happened to me, Disney would not be held responsible. They wouldn’t even report it. I’d just be “missing.” He told me this, along with “whatever you find down there, you do not speak of to anyone, ev
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I really want to request this one commission, but I literally have no points. I'm not expecting anyone to donate, you don't have to, but if you do, I'd HIGHLY appreciate it. Thanks!

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Cluster Background
A cluster of any .png image formed into a background.


So I just got RPG Maker.

And I want to make the shittiest, but the very best FNaFB FNaTI game. Which I'll probably never actually do, so
(Cringe Warning) Abendad Mouscot
This turned out incredibly crappy but I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing when it comes to Mokey's Show related things.

Made in paint.netPaint.Net Icon 

This is where I'd put the version without the blood, but I'm really not feelin' it right now. So, instead, look at this related thing I did.
Mission accomplished. After reducing the file size of my profile pic, I was able to finally upload it.
Yup, no time limit, no request limit.

Doesn't matter what it is, story draft, photo edit, anything. Even if it's really hard, I'll do my best.

The only real rule (for a lack of a better word) is that the more ridiculous the request, the longer it's gonna take.

Some things you can request (but not limited to):

Story Draft of any sort

FNaTI Promo Edit

Meme of anything (whether that's specific text you want me to add, or you just want me to create my own meme with a preexisting one)

Cluster Background

Ruining My Reputation

Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh card edit

Trolling on Omegle (I dunno)


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I mainly do photo-shop, that's what I do best. But the most you'll ever see out of me is memes, so prepare yourself.


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